A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Originally released Feb 2014

UPDATE (9/9/2018):

Now with Version 1.1, you'll be able to scroll back to change your choices 

Feel free to enjoy your game at your own pace!

Maya's life hasn't been going too well lately. Dead parents, laid-off, and now her uncle has suddenly dumped a $5,000 debt and a 30 day deadline on her! Her luck seems to take a turn for the better though when she winds up at Lucky Cafe which offers her a job. Will she be able to make up $5,000 in a month or let herself enjoy life a little with the help of her co-workers?

-Art, Writing, and Coding by Vagrant-Muffin (Jen)

-There are a total of 4 character paths (Friendship only, sorry!) and 3 endings + A bonus "date" scene unlocked with all endings

  • Marcus, the owner of Lucky Cafe
  • Adrian, the rival waiter
  • Nichole, the friendly deliverywoman
  • Thomas, the silent kitchen staffer

(A completed character path leads to special dialogue for each ending, this dialogue isn't needed to unlock the bonus)

-There are 5 CGs, one for each character path and one from the bonus

-Involves a job scenario system, where you can pick the job Maya will do for the day

-Word count: 24,547 words

-File size: About 170 Mb (I'm sorry, it's a really big file!)

This is my first visual novel, so there are many aspects of the game that would need more polish. Please point out any problems you encounter (I've only been able to test the Windows version) and feel free to critique! I know I need the help…In essence though, this was a fun project (a labor of two months putting it together and a month of planning) and I hope to improve on my next game.

I'm not sure if this final note is necessary, but Lucky Days is not an accurate depiction of being a waitress/server. You definitely wouldn't find so many customers who'd generously tip $20…On that note though, remember to always tip!

The three endings are a Friendship ending, Runaway ending, and Paid-off ending. The friendship ending includes all the characters and is triggered on day 15. Serving tables gives the most tips. Also be careful about the choices, the choices are locked when scrolling back!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorA Jen Bird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDev Blog


LuckyDays-1.1-pc.zip 178 MB
LuckyDays-1.1-mac.zip 161 MB
Lucky Days-1.0-all.zip (OLD) 168 MB

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Hi, I'm not sure if you still look at comments on this, but I'm having trouble getting the CGs. I can't seem to get them nor complete a character's route. Basically I'm really struggling, but I really like this game and so want to know how to complete it. So, can you let me know how to complete the character's routes? Thank you, and keep up the good work! The game is great so far!

Hello! Sorry, when I made this game, I didn't plan out the gameplay very well so to get the character routes, you have to basically ignore the main goal of the game (which is to get as much money as you can).

To get someone's CG, you'd have to ALWAYS choose their job option (Marcus = Counter, Nichole = Delivery, Thomas = Kitchen, Adrian = Tables) during the playthrough in order to get their affection up! You can tell you're leading up to the CG cutscene when little cutscenes happen after you're done with the day's work. And then once they reach a certain point (60 friendship pts I believe), another cutscene will trigger and you have to choose the correct answer to unlock the CG cutscene.

Technically it's possible to get a CG without always choosing their job option, but it helps :'D (If this still doesn't work, please let me know!)

Thank you so much for playing Lucky Days ;w; It's my first game and I know it has a lot of problems, but it means a lot to me that you're having fun!

Thank you so much for the reply! Okay, I'll try that! Although I was doing Adrian's route (picked only tables) and got two cutscenes I think? But never one with a CG which is why I asked. I'll try again though, thank you!

Okay, I'm back, sorry, I got the cutscene with Adrian after a bit, but I was wondering, do the routes get romantic? Because they're really cute but is there anything more? Also, when does the ending dialogue happen? After the guys take the money or? Also the extra date scene, is that after completing a character path, or after completing all character paths? I'm so sorry about all the questions, I get confused a lot. Still a lovely game though!

AH! Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't clear in the description (I'll go fix that now...) There are only friendship scenes in this game;; There's no actual dating;; The bonus "date" scene only happens once you unlock all the endings, it's triggered at the start of a new game and doesn't involve any of the character paths. The character specific ending dialogues are triggered after any of the endings, it's just a short scene involving the character you finished the path with that playthrough. They just comment on the ending and have a short dialogue with Maya if it's not the Runaway Ending.

Sorry for the confusion and most likely the disappointment that there's no actual romance ||OTL

Oh, no, that's completely fine! It's still such an amazing game and I'm not actually disappointed about it only being friendships! I think it's really cute and I love how close they all become! Thank you again for making this amazing game! (And thank you for replying to all my questions!)

HI, I like this game. I'm having trouble getting $5000. Do you have any tips. I tried 3 times and I'm always so close. 


Hello! Thank you for playing Lucky Days!

As for tips in getting the $5000, make sure you always wait tables and always get $20 for each scenario, if you get anything less, even $15, you won't make the goal. One strategy would be to save before every choice to make sure you get the $20 since there's no rollback (because I was bad at game design back then, I'm sorry;;)

I wish you luck! And another tip: When you get all the endings, if you play one more time, you'll get to see a bonus "date" scene!