The Full Version is HERE!!

The full version of The Bare Escape is now here!

Full features listed below:

  • About 35,100 words of story
  • Three routes available to play through, each with three different ending variations. Pair up with either anxious Marcel or stoic Anzo to escape the Tower! Not interested in either? You can also go after the mysterious sorceress, Lady Emi (Or end up with no one at all if you prefer)
  • CGs for each love interest
  • An easy point-and-click finding game (kind of), a skippable maze puzzle, and a skippable word puzzle
  • An ending tracker (There are 12 in total)
  • CG Gallery (Including a special CG if you get all the endings)

I hope you enjoy this silly little adventure!

Files 88 MB
Sep 13, 2018 71 MB
Sep 13, 2018

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