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I'm impressed that it's still an in-progress project but have stollen my heart with the hillarious scenario of the trio, the easily operated puzzle, and the mystery case of this seeker-of-strange-kind- excitement lady of the tower; definitely brought into my waiting list xD

*cough* I won't be deterred or easily even becomes an ordinary thing for me to see the bare appearance of upper part of a guy .... but then, it doesn't mean I can't appreciated the eye candy and will certainly be blessed to see more~ *cough*  *chastise my pervertness :'D*

Thank you for playing this silly game! I'm glad you had fun ;> It's still in-progress as the lady's route will eventually be added, so I hope you'll come back once it's finally done!

And don't worry, no judging here for good ol' ogling~

This definitely gets two thumbs up from me! <3

I definitely 150% appreciate that the two men are different enough in personality and race compared to most otome games, and Val is cool and capable - a modern feisty strong lady.

I would totally give you money to make indepth games! - any way to do that?

Looking forward to future releases!

I'm really glad you enjoyed this silly game, it warms my heart (as it would hers, I'm sure) that you find Val cool!

And thank you! I'm hoping to establish my work more before going commercial, but I appreciate your support!!

This game is super cute.  I enjoyed it :3 and I want to snuggle Anzo.

Thank you for the kind words! ;w; and Anzo would be down for that hehe

Hey!  You did a Nanoreno entry!  I can't wait to have a look at this!

Haha it's been a busy month... But I hope you have fun!

I loved this game!! SO MUCH that I ended up writing fan fiction for it because of reasons > w > 

All in all, I loved this MC! I loved every single dialogue choice so I played through every combination. The MC's character really grew on me, especially because her interactions were so funny and... dare I say relatable? I liked the puzzles even though I normally suck at them, but it was pretty fun!

It's crazy because I totally went into this thinking Anzo was going to be my favorite character (and he kind of... is) BUT Marcel's romance with the MC was my favorite and my heart definitely palpitated during his CG...

I don't think I've ever played a game as light-hearted, creative and funny! I would've never thought of something like this, but it's pretty hilarious!

Looking forward to the 100% completed version! /o/

The fact that you actually wrote fanfiction blows my mind if I think about it too hard, thank you nngghh

Also thank you so much for playing it and looking forward to the full game! (Hehe at Marcel being a surprise favorite, but Marcel's CG is also my personal favorite, very sorry Anzo...) 

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Okay I loved this from the line 


Score one for team opposable thumbs! END SPOILERS

The MC was so funny, and I loved their cheerful attitude. She was totally cool with where she was because she wanted to be a real adventurer and it was the cutest. Anzo was a treat, and Marcel had me cracking up. Basically I was laughing the whole time. And then I noticed that the icon is underpants and I laughed some more. Was it because I'm not sexy enough I can't. 

Okay but please tell me the pokemon reference was on purpose because I screamed.

Also: Because reasons. And poor Edwards.

I did find one error, I included the screen before it for reference:

I also really enjoyed the pillar moving puzzle! I'm a sucker for puzzles in general. Overall this is a really great accomplishment for Nano! So far I've only gotten one ending, but I plan on going back and doing all of the options, because all of the dialogue really tickled me. I'm looking forward to Lady Emi's route!

Edit: I'm crying I went back to play again and told Marcel I like what I see I can't

A++ very nice love it

So I saw this comment this morning and honestly, waking up was hard today but upon reading this nothing could bring me down for the rest of the day! Thank you so much for playing through the game, I'm so glad you enjoyed my (terrible) jokes and lines haha!

(And if you're referring to that line during the third test, then yes :^) I couldn't help but make the Pokemon reference... Edwards did deserve better though)

I've also now fixed the error you found, thank you for reporting it!

It was my pleasure, I had a blast! I did go back through and get both Anzo and Marcel's 'into it' endings, I'll have to download the updated version so I can see the ones I missed!