A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Story

After a yearlong undercover mission, Janet Dover (name changeable) is now assigned to Gerald Reeve’s team. Headquarters believes there’s a traitor in the ranks, leaking information to a dangerous enemy known as the “Wolf”.

Her job is to find the traitor, but what else will she learn along the way? 

(Warning: Strong language and violence)

The Routes

Gerald Reeve "The Boss"

If there was a threat to his team, how far would he go to protect them?
Kent Chun "Agent Diamond"

Has he reached a limit to his loyalty?
Emmett Yoshida "Agent Bull"

Did his volatile nature lead him down a dangerous path?

Cyril Young "Agent Prince"

Is there a reason he keeps everyone at a distance?

Beau Guillaume "Agent Cat"

What is it that weighs heavily on his mind?

Mark Wolfe "The Wolf"

Who is he really after...?

The Features

Featured in current demo:

  • ~18,800 words of the common route
  • Common route interactions for all the romanceable guys except Gerald and the Wolf
  • Full colored sprites of the six romanceable guys + MC

Features to be added in the full game:

  • Six routes for each romanceable guy, each with three endings to unlock
  • Event CGs
  • CG Gallery + Profiles of the main cast to be accessible in the main menu
  • Full colored sprites for secondary characters

I hope you enjoy the demo and look forward to the release of the full game!

The Team

Art, writing, coding by Jen

Editing by owl.

Music (in current demo) by:

Mid-Air Machine

 Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Kai Engel

Licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Mar 10, 2018
AuthorA Jen Bird
GenreVisual Novel, Action
Made withRen'Py
TagsCrime, Female Protagonist, Otome, renpy, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBlog, Twitter


RedWolfHidingDemo-1.1-mac.zip 63 MB
RedWolfHidingDemo-1.1-pc.zip 80 MB

Development log


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I can't download either although in my case it's for PC.  I click on the download link for the PC version and there's nothing to select in the drop down box for a version.  Then a box pops up saying that no compatible versions were found for this title.  I tried another game tonight and  hadno problem downloading in the same way.

Sorry for the wait, I think the problem was that I hadn't specified the OS for each file. Hopefully it works now!

I'm downloading it now.  Thanks!

I cant seem to be able to download this game. Please teach me what to do

Is your computer a Linux by any chance? I realize there are only PC and Mac versions available for download

I have a MacBook Air 

Oh I see! Can you please give me more details on how you come across that error? Does it happen when you click to download "RedWolfHidingDemo-1.1-mac.zip"?

I am not sure how to explain it since it only pop up that. I tried to reinstall it a couple of times but it still pop up the same thing.

Just to be thorough, are these the steps you go through?

1. Download "RedWolfHidingDemo-1.1-mac.zip"

2. Unzip/Extract all the files of the zip into a separate folder

3. Run application


I just finished the demo, and I have to say that it was great! I really like the plot, it was super interesting, all the characters were different and amazing in their own way, and the story itself was well written. My favorites were definitely Emmett and Beau- they're so cute!

I can't wait for the full game!  


tHIS IS GREAT AMAZING WOW waiting forthe full version with my eyes open. I want to kiss you for making this with such a good story plot characters and the girl we play ourselves is so cool. When will full version be released?


Thank you for playing the demo and enjoying it so much! I’m glad people like it so far! I don’t have a date to give for the full release right now though, sorry;;

Thank you very much for your reply! I am really glad to hear news about the project and completely understand your struggles. Take your time to work and rest ;) I'm patiently waiting.



I liked the demo, though I'm a bit dissapointed to read that Mirage decides who's the traitor by her "affection" points. It makes her less sophisticated in my eyes. I mean, her job is to find the traitor, she can make the wrong choice, but it should still be based on the logical thinking not her... hormones. She could like one guy and still conclude that another guy is the mole. Of course, it is interesting to unexpectedly fall in love with the villain.  Also, I like games that require thinking to test and train my brain. But with having "affections" as the main createria for finding the traitor, I will be forced to say that an innocent persone is the traitor, just because MC spent more time with him?

I apologies if my notes offended you anyhow. The work is still great and interesting. I wish you best of luck on the development. Speaking of which, it would be nice if any news about the progress of development would be shared here. I cannot access Tumblr due to my geographical location :(


Hello! The current status for my visual novel development in general is that I'm currently concentrating on finishing The Bare Escape since it's a smaller game I started for NaNoRenO this year and with it out of the way, I can focus more on Red Wolf Hiding since it is quite a large project. The progress is slow going, but I appreciate your patience!

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Reply for mif4n

I get what you mean, which was why one of my first questions were whether the player got to decide who the traitor was based on their findings.

Technically Janet is supposed to be assigned to be the partner of the person she found the 'most suspicious' if we follow the demo says, and technically speaking, you as the player make that choice when you figure out who you want to be partner to. This is assuming there is only one traitor in the game as per the initial assumption.

It is the ultimate decision for Jen to decide what would work best, but for now, I'm just as impatient to get the full game in my hands!!!! But quality work takes time and as gut wrenching as it feels, I have to wait. All we can do is provide our suggestions on how it could be improved in our eyes :)

Yes.  I admire how Jen just put this huge work and responsibility on her shoulders. That takes a lot of courage on my opinion.  It is hard, but I'm pariently waiting for the full game :)

Question: In the full game, will the team's profiles be updated as Agent Mirage learns more about them? At one point, would she be expected to identify the traitor/mole, and there be consequences for the wrong answer?

I like the idea of their profile updating as Agent Mirage learns more about them in their route, so I'll look into making that work! As for who Agent Mirage will decide is the traitor (which is the route split), that will be decided by who has the highest "affection" points and whether she was right or not will be seen during the route.

Huh -  so the traitor is fixed -  that suggests that there is one 'true' route? perhaps that of Wolfe? 
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that -  unless Wolfe's route is an unlockable (like Hatoful boyfriend's BBL)
Is it possible to go through the game without getting romantically involved with anyone, and would it lead to a 'bad end'?

Yes, the traitor is the same in all the routes. Gerald and Wolfe's route (they are separate from each other) are locked until the player has gotten the "good/"normal" endings for Kent, Emmett, Cyril, and Beau. But that doesn't necessarily mean the truth behind it all will be as straightforward as that probably makes it sound lol;;

Each guy has three endings (they might be labelled differently in the full release of the game) and the "good" and "normal" endings are affected by how much affection points MC has with the guy. "Normal" endings don't end in romance. "Bad" endings are only unlocked after Gerald's/Wolfe's routes are unlocked and aren't tied to affection points, but specific choices.

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Thank you for your reply <3 I am SO hyped now!! Any estimated release date? It is a lot of work.

Haha I'm glad I didn't scare you off! There's still a lot of work to be done, so hopefully I can get most of the work done this year, but I won't be able to give an estimated release date just yet.

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In short-  I LOVE THIS!

You really have a knack for story telling and character building!!
I submitted my answers to the survey too!

I'm going to be on edge waiting for the full game! Thank you so much for making this!

Any idea when it might be finished?

PS: Diamond, Cross and Bull are my favourites so far <3

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you like the characters (especially Diamond, Cross, and Bull!) ;w;

I can't make any promises, but I'm hoping to get at least most of it done this year. Updates and side art will be posted on my VN dev blog though, to hopefully help tide you over until full release!

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Nooo!! But yes, a quality product takes lots of time to make and perfect <3

There is a continuity issue though -  If the MC chooses to rescue Prince or Cat first, and then commences the conversation with Bull  the next day about his accessory, she wouldn't have seen him fight to notice the similarities between his moves and his inspiration.

It bothers me a little bit-  mostly because to write it out would diminish his character a bit - at the same time, continuity.

My bad! I just went through it again, and I was completely wrong with that!! It works the way it's supposed to <3

I'm definitely checking out your dev blog regularly, and I am SO ready to throw money at you to support you - let me know how I can do that!

I'll do my best to deliver a good final game! (Also I'm glad there wasn't a continuity error, phew! But thank you for being willing to point them out!)

And while I don't currently have any commercial plans right now, your support and encouragement go a long way to keeping me going ;w; Thank you!

I wanted to date The Wolf : (

I'm sorry, he'll only be available in the full release of the game... His route would have too much spoilers for the demo!



(Well, it mostly me copying my own commentary from the survey site :'D )

It's intriguing, the range of capability and background of each characters are well-designed, and their own ambigious sides keep me to the plot. But, I think the MC's introduction a bit rushing at the begining to be emphatized (although, as the story goes, she seems as the emotional-profesional capable agent ;) )

I personally like any kind of investigation and secret agents story very much, but then I wonder why the theme of 4 main suspects (and also Love Interest) arise at the approximately imminent time for Red Wolf and Wayhaven (although the genre and characters are different,)...

Anyway, I'll keep in tune for the release ^^

Thank you for trying out the demo and for sharing your thoughts on it! I'll keep your comments on the MC in mind, but I hope you have fun finding out even more about them in the full game :'>

There are technically 6 routes in Red Wolf Hiding (2 are just not featured in the demo) but I can see how you could make a connection to the Wayhaven Chronicles, which is a very excellent story and I don't think Red Wolf Hiding could stand against it haha

But maybe it means the time for investigation/secret agent stories has arrived!

I just finished the demo, and enjoyed every second of it! I love the art style; it's so crisp and clean, and the expressions are adorable.The plot is engaging and exciting, and I'm so excited to learn more about the characters. I was so happy to see a diverse team of guys, each with vibrant personalities and backstories. Beau is probably my favorite so far, but I'm interested to learn more about Wolf and Gerald. The MC is pretty freaking awesome too—it's so nice to see a female character who is the expert and can take charge.

Overall, amazing demo! I can't wait to see what else is in store.  Wonderful work.

I just finished the demo, and enjoyed every second of it! I love the art style; it's so crisp and clean, and the expressions are adorable.The plot is engaging and exciting, and I'm so excited to learn more about the characters. I was so happy to see a diverse team of guys, each with vibrant personalities and backstories. Beau is probably my favorite so far, but I'm interested to learn more about Wolf and Gerald. The MC is pretty freaking awesome too—it's so nice to see a female character who is the expert and can take charge.

Overall, amazing demo! I can't wait to see what else is in store.  Wonderful work.

Thank you so much for trying out the demo, I'm really glad you like it so far! It's quite motivating to hear that you enjoyed the team, especially the MC, who I wanted to be able to take on the guys if she needed to haha

I'll work hard to make the full game even better than the demo! I hope you will enjoy it as well!

HEY!  New game!  You've been working hard!  :)

Glad you've had some time to dev!  <3. Can't wait to play it!

Haha thank you! Despite it all, gonna keep trying to dev! I hope you enjoy it :'D

I can't even express how much I ended up loving this.  Every character is PERFECT.  It was so easy to read and fun which is good for me because I'm constantly distracted.  It was just sooooo good!

Aah I'm glad you found it a fun read! I was worried the plot might make it hard to read but I'm really glad you ended up enjoying it! Thanks for trying it out!

This looks great! Will definitely download, I'll leave some feedback after I get a chance to play through!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate you taking the time to leave some feedback when you get the chance!