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It's fascinating how short choice leads to a cute strory of connection between two strangers, with no pressure of romance. Somehow, the "friendship" ending interested me more for its fluid relatable plot :D

I think a lot of the time in romance orientated VNs, the romance ending is seen as the ultimate/good ending, but I wanted the player to feel that friendship is not a bad end in Fool's Helper.

I'm happy it seems you enjoyed the game, thank you for playing! :>

This was cute! Their expression were great oh my god xD I also loved the texting effects... very nice touch. I loved them both, but I think Brian's route was my favorite! Congratulations on a great VN!

Thank you for playing and the kind words ;A; So glad you had fun and liked the guys!! (especially my bias hehe)

I played this game a couple weeks ago and I must say it's one of my favorite short visual novels! It's super cute, sweet, and it generally lifted my spirits! Both romantic options were very endearing and had designs I enjoyed a ton! (I loved the blushes too) Overall I would replay whenever I need a smile and recommend to others, awesome job :D

Thank you for playing! Hearing that it cheers you up makes having made the game really worthwhile! (I personally love their blushing faces too hehe)

cute short visual that leaves you in a feel-good mood :)

I also very much appreciated the beauty diversity in this! While I do love the usual hot, anime guy, these characters were drawn with a different art style that made them adorable, lovable, and attractive in their own ways. And everyone here was lovable dork so that's always a relatable plus. Awesome job <3

Thank you for playing our game and for enjoying it! :D

I can't even begin to describe how happy your comment about my art makes me ;A; Seriously, thank you!

It's sooo cute!

I'm happy you thought so! Thank you for playing! ^^

Thank you! You're cute too! *pika*

Just finished it, and I found it super cute! Love how the characters aren't what you'd expect and have a hilarious but charming combination of traits. XD I favored Lee over Brian, but I did like them both, especially for what dorks they could be. <3

Thank you so much for playing the game! I'm so glad you liked it!! Ran will be happy to hear that you're on team Lee since she wrote his route lol It makes me happy that you liked those two dorks ;A;

Hi there, hehe, I'm the other writer for this game and... oh my gosh, I'm so happy you found it cute! :") Thank you so much for playing!